Why Us

Anatomy of Ace Executives

  • Profoundly relevant industry and vertical recruitment experience.
  • Rigorously trained for recruitment methodologies & relevant educational background.
  • Ability to have 360 degree vision of the organization structure: Seeing & understanding Business Drivers and accordingly spotting talent to run that business.
  • Refined listening skills: aids in understanding needs of companies as well as potential applicants.
  • Polished & professional oral communication skills: Ability to interact with all members of company team & applicant community.
  • Ability to take heavy lifting of project .
  • Refined document creation & MIS management skills. It enhances the efficiency of execution.

Advantages of Association with Ace

  • Placement Consultant with its own fresh database of candidates for our clients.
  • Placement consulting with network of Business Associates / franchisee, speeding up the process of advertising the requirements & sourcing right candidates.
  • Multiple screening prior to final interviewing of candidates, increasing the probability of success & cutting on precious time of client.
  • Mass Interviews can be managed with the Client’s request without disturbing the routine activities at premises of our valued customers.
  • With the help of well trained, reliable, experienced professionals having capacity to deliver as per the commitments, rapid responsiveness to resource needs with great sense of urgency resulting into cost effective solutions for our customers