Sourcing Methodology


Sourcing Methodology

Talent sourcing strategies are formulated to fit a certain industry and targeted profiles so that the best candidates from both active and passive talent pools will be found. The way in which these methods are used depends upon a wide array of factors, some of which include:

  • The types of candidates needed
  • The preferences of the hiring authorities or recruiters
  • Past success (or lack of success) using the method
  • The resources at the disposal of the person (or people) utilizing the strategy
  • The personnel available to utilize the strategy

In this we maintain our own strong & overgrowing database so when any job order come, we check our database for right candidate, this will reduce the time. After that we have our social media connections mainly through Linkedin & Facebook. Especially Linkedin has lot professional talent which updated regular-basis, we connect with them for suitable opportunity. Then we use very conventional strategy where we run referral programs & get candidates from our existing customers & employees. We also linked with prominent job portals like Naukri, Monster where we post job profiles & we will get the right candidate database. We also published Advertising in Popular Newspapapers for Job requirements.

Strong & Growing

News Papers,

Social Media

Existing Employees